You can see me select Horus. The game doesn't let me lock in, then I get booted and penalized as the timer expires.Slap a like and help get these bugs squash


Real-time outages and problems for Smite. Smite outages reported in the last 24 hours Hi Support, please could you kindly remove my deserter penalty? elf will not be scorned and inflicts punishment on him, an elf-blow between the shoulder- Now we have a narrative about adultery and desertion. they smite them without pain, as with a puff of wind, and bereave them of both the natural and deny v. negere, protestere deserter n. desertoer, ferlater determine v. firth n.

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Indicators have been added to Conquest to show when a team kills an objective. 2016-06-05 · Other deserter handling tweaks. Players that have been idle for 3 minutes are now kicked from the match and incur a deserter penalty. In Match chat size and position tweaked.

Deserter penalties go like this (for leaving lobby or game, not when you fail to accept que) 1st time: 30 minutes. 2nd time within 24 hours of last: 60 minutes. 3rd time within 24 hours of last: 120 minutes. 4th+ times within 24 hours of last: 240 minutes. So it caps at 240 minutes.

Gameplay is fine, no lag, no crashes, and I genuinely enjoy the game. Its at the the same point every time, loading into the character selection screen, and I report my crash This has happened to me to. It is very frustrating and I wish they would fix it. I would say a 15 minute ban and a 25% decrease in good will would be enough to keep away the people that have horrible internet if it would go to a deserter penalty after that.


Pretty awesome. Deserter Penalty.

Smite somehow just wanted to drop me so i got disconnected. when I logged back in I was a deserter and I needed to wait for 200 mins. I wish there could be a way for them to differentiate deserters from disconnected. Smite Forums > Community > General SMITE Discussion > Increase the deserter penalty.
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Deserter penalty smite

2012-09-12 · Terrell Owens 'thankful for no injuries' after car crash.

Smite Forums > Community > General SMITE Discussion > Increase the deserter penalty. PDA. View Full Version : Increase the deserter penalty.
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May 29, 2018 Smite breaks new records on Steam. Highest average playerbase since release. You have reached the end of this stream. Continue browsing 

In Match chat size and position tweaked. Earliest time to surrender has been changed from 15m to 10m.

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Deserter Penalty. The penalty for Deserting a Ranked Match is now more intense than deserting a normal casual match. The penalty for deserting a normal casual match has been slightly reduced. Deserting will still lock your ability to play any game mode, regardless of where you deserted from. Ranked Matchmaking & Split Changes

What happens when I receive a deserter  Feb 28, 2018 No, I don't want a silly deserter penalty and my goodwill counts for something, right? Please, let them give me my main role. Adc! Jungle! Jul 23, 2020 Rogue Company's closed beta has kicked off and one of the main annoyances players are suffering are asymmetric matches but that should be  27 juil. 2016 A separate deserter penalty occurs when specifically not accepting a match invite . This penalty is 2 minutes and also escalates in the same way  Jun 6, 2020 With the increasing protests over George Floyd's death, Smite begins to crack down on racist users by analyzing chat logs for inappropriate  During the SMITE World Championship at Hi-Rez Expo, several games were or attempts to abuse the free pause system will be issued heavy penalties. Jun 5, 2020 Popular MOBA game Smite has suspended 5000 players that have been found being racist via in-game chat logs.